Match Made Experience

We are excited to bring our experience to you and take your event from awesome to unforgettable!!!


CArson Krueger

The owner and lead DJ, Carson brings an atmosphere like no other to every event. He believes that an event should be more than just a party, it should be a moment so unforgettable you can never forget it.  "I love my job, seeing people walk away with smiles is what it is about."  Graduating from the University of Memphis and the University of Mississippi, Carson has always found his home here in the Delta and cant wait to bring his unique and incredible skills to your next event. He loves spending free time with his wife Katie and their dog Rosie. Avid outdoors-men, Carson loves hiking, fishing, sailing and hunting. Catching a show or grabbing some good food and fun times with friends.


Katie Krueger

As the Director of Photography and Videography she believes that it’s the little things AND the big things that make life worth living. Katie fell in love with photography in high school while shadowing underneath a photographer and has not put down a camera since. Aside from her passion for photography, she finds joy in baking, medicine, travel, nature, cracking jokes at the expense of Carson, and her dog Rosie. Her passion lies in remembering the moments that took your breath away, and what better way to do that than through photo and video! For her it is all about capturing the little details and unexpected moments! Staged portraits are great! But authentic moments are even BETTER! “I love the special moments that life gives us. The one-of-a kind moments. The once they are gone, they are gone moments. Let me help you remember those for a lifetime!”